Natural Indian Wedding Photography at Micklefield Hall

Stelios and Zeena’s wedding took place at the fantastic Micklefield Hall.  With two marquees, one for the wedding and one for the reception.  The venue has beautiful open grounds with great photo opportunities for the couples portraits.

The Indian Wedding between Stelios & Zeena took place at Micklefield Hall in Rickmansworth.

Wedding venue: Micklefield Hall, Rickmansworth Hertfordshire

Address: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 6AQ

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Beautiful Indian Wedding Photography at Waddesdon Manor

Vikram and Krupa’s Indian wedding photos have some bright colours almost making it look like HDR images, even though it’s not. They were just lucky with the weather and our Indian wedding photographer managed to capture both the beautiful couple and the magnificant building.


The wedding registry between Vikram and Krupa took place at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire.
Wedding venue: Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
Address: Aylesbury, Bucks, HP18 0JH, England.

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Photos from Indian Wedding Reception at Premier House

Here’s part 2 for Alpesh & Asha, with their Indian wedding reception at Premier House Banqueting in Harrow. Starting with a champagne reception and then moving on to the main room the Mistry family sure had a fun timed evening partying the night away. Below are a few images taken by our Indian wedding photographer:


Would you consider a wedding at this venue?
Premier House Banqueting Harrow host all kinds of weddings. More info at the official site,
Address: 1 Canning Rd Harrow, Middlesex HA3 7TS, United Kingdom

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Civil Ceremony photography at Sandwell Register Birmingham

Here’s a little taster for part 1 of Alpesh & Asha’s wedding functions.  Taken today, was there Civil Ceremony at Sandwell Register Office in Birmingham.  Despite the few showers we managed to get some lovely shots of the couple.  Looking forward to part 2 and 3.


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Jaina & Stephens Indian Wedding Photos at Whittlebury Hall

Here’s a little teaser from Jaina & Stephens civil and Indian wedding at Whittlebury Hall. This wedding was set in a beautiful venue, a perfect setting.  We started the day with a Civil ceremony, which then was followed by a traditional Indian ceremony. The day had a few surprises starting with Stephen arriving to the ceremony by horse, and then walking down the aisle with bagpipes played by his father. The day concluded with a wedding reception with lots of fun and laughter. Please see a sample of Indian wedding photos from Whittlebury Hall ( below:


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Stunning Indian Wedding photos Sattavis Patidar Centre Advait Wembley

Mital & Dipeshs Indian wedding took place at the Sattavis Patidar Centre, also known as Advait Centre. The hall at this venue is large room with a balcony overlooking Wembley Stadium. This was a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. The weather was surprisingly good for a wedding at the end of December which was very fortunate. As you can see from the photos they are taken in our normal photojournalistic style so that the moment can always be cherished. Read more about our Indian wedding photographer here.


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Indian Wedding Photography at City Hall Cardiff

Here’s a little teaser from Ami & Hitesh’s wedding at City Hall in Cardiff.  City Hall is an amazing large venue which was highlighted with the lovely mandap.  The grounds at the venue were also amazing, and we were able to take portraits for the couple.


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Exquisite Civil & Reception photos Northbrook Park Surrey

Here comes part 2 for Ashley & Bhavika.  After an exciting Indian Wedding ceremony at Hare Krishna Temple we join the lovely couple for their civil wedding and reception at Northbrook Park.  This was a very picturesque venue with peacocks and a nice lake.  It was great spending another day with both families and had lots of doughnuts and pick and mix.  What more can you ask for.


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Ash & Bhavika’s Wedding at Watford Temple

Here’s a quick sample of Ash & Bhavika’s wedding photos from the Hare Krishna Temple in Watford.  This was our 1st wedding at the temple this year and it was sure a cold day.  We were lucky to miss all the snow.  Ash & Bhavika both looked great and it was a fun filled day with all the family.  I look forward to seeing the couple again at their civil wedding and reception next month.


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Indian Wedding reception VIP Lounge Edgware

Chandni and Aakash’s wedding reception took place at VIP Lounge in Edgware.  This venue is very popular for Indian weddings and receptions.  This reception was a nice small events with close friends and family.  Our recommended DJ’s, Event DJ’s Direct, were also a part of the special occasion.


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Kunjan & Hardik’s Wedding Hare Krishna Temple Watford

Here’s a sample from Kunjan & Hardik’s Indian Wedding that took place at the Hare Krishna Temple in Watford.


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Wedding Photographer Reveals: Why I Changed Camera

Why I went from the Canon 5d mark 2 full frame DSLR to the Olympus OMD EM5 micro four thirds.

It was time for me to upgrade from my old Canon 5d mark ii, a wedding camera I used for years. The obvious choice would have been canon 5d mark 3. Before I jumped straight into buying it I did some research on pros and cons with other brands of cameras to see if the canon 5d mark iii was for me. Canon by all means is one of the top camera makers on the market and their lenses are no doubt amazing for Indian weddings, but when you start looking at the bigger picture with things like price of the body and lenses you start thinking well what else can I get for that much money.

Prime lenses for Indian wedding photography

I mainly use prime lenses for Indian weddings as I feel they give better quality of low light use (lower aperture), better bokeh and DOF (depth of field). After looking at many other brands of cameras there was one that stuck out to me personally and that was the Olympus OM-D EM-5.

Advantages with a smaller camera for wedding photography

For starters the Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera was much smaller and lighter than any DSLR which was a huge plus point as sometimes whilst shooting wedding for a whole day can leave your hands feeling tired and painful.  The articulated screen on the Olympus is very handy as its great for both high and low shots. The Olympus is weather sealed so fantastic for outdoor use in bad weather, which we know would cost a packet in DSLR cameras. The camera shoots at a crazy 9fps; almost like shooting a machine gun.  DSLR cameras come with a standard viewfinder, were as micro 4/3 cameras are mirror-less so using a viewfinder isn’t possible, instead it uses an EVF (electronic view finder).  The fact that it is mirror-less also makes the camera more quieter to use. One of the best features that I absolutely love about this camera is its image stabilisation; It’s by far one of the best I have ever seen in any camera period.

Professional lenses for micro cameras

On another note, micro four third cameras have an excellent range of lenses and many manufacturers are now starting to make their own. Some include Panasonic, Leica, Olympus, Voigtlander, Sigma, Samyang, Tamron etc. This has opened a whole new world to micro 4/3.  Saying all this micro 4/3 isn’t for everybody. The cameras are small and may be to fiddly for some people.  If you are somebody who is completely used to using full size DSLR then the chances are you won’t like using most of micro four third cameras, whereas if you are someone who is a Leica m9/ Leica M user then I feel the chances are more likely you will like the size and feel. Contact us today at 07738 382327 or use the alternative contact options.

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5 Questions to ask Your Indian Wedding Photographer

Your big day is getting closer and there might be quite a few questions on your mind. Here is what you need to ask your potential Indian wedding photographer before signing the contract.

  • How do I know your style will suit us?
  • Do I get to keep all the photos with copyrights?
  • Do you offer pre-wedding shoots?
  • Do you travel anywhere in the UK?
  • How do I know its safe to use your company? (e.g. Insurance, back up equipment, trademark, registered Ltd company)

If you have any other query in your mind about Indian wedding photography, please contact us today!

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Romantic Indian Wedding Photos

What can possibly be more romantic than Indian wedding couples? Taking part in many Indian weddings, our Indian wedding photographer have discovered a thing or two about when and how to capture the best romantic Indian wedding photos. Many Indian ceremony’s are taking place in picturesque settings with colourful surroundings. Below are a few of our favourite pictures of Sikh, Hindu and Muslim couples in love:


Do you want some cute and romantic wedding photos like this? The Event Guru have long experience taking Indian wedding photos and can capture some fascinating moments from your special day. Contact Sam Vasani today for a no-obligation quote. We offer outstanding quality for photojournalism Indian wedding photography and have affordable prices.

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Elegant Wedding Reception photography Riverside Venue Heathrow Hounslow

Here’s part two for Hitesh & Bejal. After an eventful Wedding Hitesh & Bejal had their wedding reception at Riverside Venue in Heathrow, Hounslow. We started by taking some nice shots of the couple in the bridal room before their grand entrance.


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Hitesh & Bejal’s Wedding Hare Krishna Temple

Check out our latest photos from the Hare Krishna Temple.  Hitesh & Bejals wedding was on the last official day of British Summer and boy was it a cold one.  This was a traditional indian wedding ceremony with lots of laughs.  This wedding took place in the temple room.  We were lucky enough to take some portrait photos outside in between the rain showers and as the sun went down.

bejal wedding car.jpgpunjabi groom.jpgbride with mirror.jpgbride in saree.jpgganesh pooja.jpgwedding groom.jpgwedding couple.jpgwedding mandap.jpgwedding ceremony.jpgphotojournalistic.jpgwedding vows.jpghavan.jpgfera.jpgseven steps.jpgwedding couple portrait.jpg

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Sikh Wedding photography Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara

Here are some photos from Jaspaul & Nisha’s wedding, which took place at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Nottingham.  They also had a reception on the same day at Bolts Country Club.  This was a traditional Sikh wedding, then we went straight to the civil ceremony and then onto the reception.  We did hit a few shattered showers but were able to take some lovely portraits in between.

c75-1. Gurdwara.jpg3. Sikh wedding photography.jpg4. gurdwara wedding.jpg5. Gurdwara nottingham.jpg6. sri guru singh sabha gurdwara.jpg7. jaspaul.jpg8. Nisha.jpg9. wedding nottingham.jpg10. wedding bristol.jpg11. punjabi wedding.jpg12. punjabi wedding videographer.jpg16. bolts country club.jpg22. jaspaul & nisha.jpg24. punjabi reception.jpg25. sikh gurdwara.jpg26. civil ceremony.jpg27. sikh dancing.jpg28. sikh party.jpg29. wedding couple.jpg30. cat.jpg

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Geeta & Amit’s Wedding The Royal Regency

Geeta & Amit’s wedding took place at The Royal Regency in East London.  The Royal Regency has a large theatre look, and had the mandap set up at the front on a stage.  There was also a fantastic balcony that gave a panoramic view of the whole venue.  This was a full day traditional Indian wedding, the only difference was Geeta’s entrance song which was the imperial march from Star Wars as her surname is Vadher.

theatre hall.jpgthe royal regency.jpgwedding jewellery.jpggeeta.jpgamit.jpgromford road.jpgwedding groom.jpgroyal regency.jpgwedding bride.jpgwedding garland.jpgwedding ceremony.jpgwedding fera.jpgfera.jpgmangal sutra.jpgroyal regency east london.jpg

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Jayesh & Aparna’s Wedding Hare Krishna Temple Watford

Jayesh & Aparna’s wedding at the popular Hare Krishna Temple in Watford.  This is one of my favourite venues as I do many wedding there.  This wedding took place the the outdoor marquee which is only put up for a couple weeks every year. The couple had their indian wedding ceremony and their registry service on the day.  The weather was reasonable so we were able to take some photos on the grounds around the temple.

jayesh fera.jpgregistry watford.jpgwedding hare krishna.jpghare krishna temple.jpgwedding watford.jpg

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Breathtaking Wedding photography Selsdon Park Hotel Surrey

Priyanka & Marco’s wedding was a lovely mid-week wedding.  Throughout the day we had a civil ceremony, straight to the indian ceremony and then onwards to the reception.  This all took place at the Selsdon Park Hotel.  The grounds here were beautiful and the weather held out so we could take some great photos outside.  The catering of on the day was to a exceptional high standard as you can see from the photos.

Selsdon park hotel.jpgcroydon wedding.jpg1.jpg2.jpggerman wedding selsdon park.jpgwedding mandap croydon.jpgasian wedding photographer selsdon park.jpgselsdon park hotel and golf club.jpgwedding croydon.jpgwedding reception.jpg


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